Snow Plowing

Sean's property services offers residential and commercial snow plowing in Dracut, Lowell and Pelham!
 We are a  small company that supplements our income during the winter months doing snow removal One benifit to using a small company like us is when you call for snow removal services you get the owner (Sean) answering the phone no middleman.
Sean takes tremendous pride in his equipment it is well maintained and set up to be extremely effective at moving snow we provide exceptional service and always get the job done for our customers!
Sean is one of the few contractors that uses a pull plow! this pull plow has 2,000 pounds of downforce so we can back right up to garage doors and scrape the snow away saving you from having that hump so many contractors leave behind when they use their plow to (back drag) the snow away. 
if you would like to see this plow in action we have a few video you can check out here.
We love plowing snow and hope you chose us for your snow removal needs for a quote please call or text Sean @ 978-995-3110